What we offer

Reflex provides Managed Office space in non branded period style buildings within central London.

What is Managed Office Space I hear you ask? We would describe it as serviced office space but without the “bells and whistles”.

This means all our offices are fully furnished with all the telcoms and IT infrastructure pre-installed. And because there are no on-site staff or receptionist facilities, no photocopying or administrative areas, our clients will only pay for the space they are using and not for staff that they might not use.

We have a head office no further than 15 mins from any of our buildings, so we can deal with clients requests efficiently and promptly and if you want to make your office feel more homely, we are happy to have one of our in house maintenance staff hang pictures on your walls for you without charge – you’ll obviously need to buy the pictures though!

How it works

  • Everything included

    Reflex was incorporated in July 1999 with the very clear intention of providing excellently located offices and presenting a charging structure that was equally as clear.

    Our desire hasn’t changed.

    Once you’ve found an office space you like, agree a price and a broadband package and then the only extra monthly cost after this (assuming you are VAT registered) will be the telephone call charges you make.

    There is no line rental or telephone handset charges to add on, however we do have meeting rooms that can be hired on an ad hoc basis as well as a virtual receptionist facility that you can sign up to.

  • 24 hours access

    As a Reflex client you will have access to your office and the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Flexible Licenses

    The contractual agreement that we use is a single page, 2 sided document. One side sets out the basic terms such as location, monthly licence fee, licence duration and the other side sets out the do’s and don’ts.

    This initial agreement can be from as little as 3 months to a maximum of 12 months, at any one time. However, we find that the majority of our clients renew their licence beyond the initial period.
    On average 65% of all Reflex clients stay in excess of 2 ½ years.

  • Managed firewall

    As part of the internet service that we provide, each building has a dedicated point to point fibre line (real fibre, not copper with fibre in-between) and a bespoke fully managed firewall. The firewall is managed in real time by Reflex staff and our IT partners www.omniis.com.

    In addition the primary line is supported with a completely separate back up internet line.

    Our clients’ network not only sits behind the buildings ‘main frame’ firewall, but as part of the standard internet package each office is provided with an internal IP range and a managed VLAN.

    Should you require anything else such as a real IP address, VPN connections or if you are running a specific piece of software, just let us know so that we can make the appropriate changes to accommodate you.

  • Non-branded Buildings

    Apart from the Victorian or Edwardian period style nature of our buildings, the black front door and the chrome door furniture, Reflex does not individually brand its buildings.

    The only names you will find in our buildings belong to our clients, hopefully creating a more permanent feel to the office space.

  • Telecomms Infrastructure

    ‘Plug and Play’ – that’s the phrase but what does it mean?

    All our offices have been flood wired with loads of Cat5 data cabling ports and each building has its own Avaya (formerly Lucent) telephone system.

    In short it is possible to turn up to any of our offices and have all your direct dial telephones ringing and all your computers networked and surfing safely within minutes.

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