What Makes Office Life so Enjoyable?

It may drive us mad at times, but in reality we wouldn’t trade office life for the world. Here are seven things we love about it:

Free stationery

Your life changed for the better when the stationery cupboard came into it. Who knew that unlimited ballpoint pens could bring so much joy? Who knew that staples – in three different sizes, no less – could bestow such happiness? You could bathe in Tippex if you wanted to. You could wallpaper your house with post-its. Bliss.


Picture the scene: it’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon. You’ve been running around all morning and you’re exhausted. You’re now on the phone to the most boring person in the history of the world, and have been for the last 45 minutes. Just when you feel like you’re about to start gouging your own eyes out with your mouse-mat, you spot something across the room. It’s your colleague Lorraine, striding across the office, a glint in her eye and a tub of Marks and Spencer millionaire shortbread bites in her hand. You breathe a sigh of relief. Everything’s going to be OK.


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of clandestinely finding out about the new office romance or whose team the new recruits are going to be a part of or even finding out what happened in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, In fact, the only thing that tops it is the thrill of then sharing it with the rest of office on the sly.

The tea run

Like a placid island in the middle of a stormy sea, the tea run provides a moment of respite in the middle of a hectic day. Make the most of it – offer a cup to everyone within reasonable distance to make it last longer. Recruit a couple of helpers to chat to whilst you do it (you couldn’t possibly carry all those cups by yourself anyway). Bask in the gratitude of your co-workers as you hand out the spoils. And then kick back with your own cup of tea, happy in the knowledge that you just made everyone’s afternoon a little bit better.


There may be days when you spend lunchtime crying into your keyboard, inhaling bites of sandwich between frantic phone calls as you furiously try to meet a deadline. But then there are days when you all sit down together and enjoy a proper lunch break. Maybe you have a staff canteen. Maybe you go out to eat. Or maybe you all take your packed lunches to the park. Either way, you come back refreshed, cheerful and ready to face whatever the afternoon throws at you.

Employee benefits

Free gym membership? Don’t mind if you do. Two-for-one tickets at the cinema across the road? You’ll go after work! Discounts on contact improvisation classes at the dance studio round the corner? You don’t know what that is, but hey, you’re saving money! It’s worth having a job just for this.

The deep satisfaction of knowing you’re making a meaningful contribution to society

Well, yeah. That and snacks.

Each area of London has its unique history that’s waiting to be discovered and it’s always something we look out for when choosing an office location. We currently have a number of managed offices in Soho that are ready for you and your business.

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