Plenty of Variety in London Office Space

There is a large variety of available office space in London, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry claims. A spokesman for the non-profit, independent business support and networking organisation, Iain Smith, says that the location where a property is situated depends entirely on what is required from it by the potential occupants.

“You have the powerhouse – I guess it’s Westminster – because there’s so much business activity, but then you have financial centres like the City of London and Canary Wharf,” Smith comments. “Then you have more artistic, up and coming areas like Silicon Roundabout and Tech City, and East London. You also have up and coming areas that are receiving a huge amount of public investment.”

Smith goes on to add that with the site for next year’s Olympic Games and the areas surrounding it, there is also the distinct possibility that the space will also end up becoming a place that is ripe for public investment and opportunity. He notes that those companies who are looking to try to find rather cheaper options in terms of office space can still find what they have been seeking. Areas such as Croydon and Enfield, which are situated in South London, are places where it is a little less expensive to set up office space and yet are locations where there is still plenty of business activity going on.

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