Office Space Purchase Important to Lasalle

The purchase of office space in London is an important investment for the company of LaSalle Investment Management (LS1). LaSalle Investment Management purchased the offices in London last Friday, the seventeenth of September, and sees it as an important property to add to its portfolio.

The deal, for which LaSalle Investment Management was acting on behalf of one of its clients, believed to be a pension fund, saw the acquisition of the property of 100 Middlesex Street. The deal cost a total of twenty six and a half million pounds, so it certainly did not come cheap. The commercial property that is 100 Middlesex Street was previously owned by Blackstone, from whom the expensive purchase was made. The address plays host to a number of businesses, including a gym, as well as major institutions such as the University of East Anglia and the Japanese Canteen Limited.

“We are absolutely delighted to have completed the acquisition of 100 Middlesex Street, which was let at the bottom of the rent cycle in 2009,” says Richard Debney, who is the director of LaSalle Investment Management, who notes that the property is an “important addition” to the company’s overall property portfolio.

Some more office space in the Central London – Bishops Square area could soon be about to go up for sale, with the oil rich nation of the State of Oman reportedly looking to sell around thirty three percent of its stake, the sale of which is expected to be handled by Jones Lang LeSalle.

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