Office Space and the Economy

I believe that Reflex is a good barometer of what is happening in the core of the business economy and the questions that keep arising is how bad are things at the moment how bad good things could get.

At the time of the last major downturn in the economy which was in 2001/2 we had about 30 clients. The experience for Reflex during this period was of clients either going bust or requiring help in the payment of their monthly licence fees.

Now we have approximately 100 clients and since the beginning of the year we have had 1 client go into administration and no-one is looking for credit extensions. The majority of clients that have left us or are planning to leave are doing so because we cannot accommodate them from either a location or cost perspective.

This isn’t to say that things aren’t difficult but are they as bad as portrayed in the media? Nobody knows the answer but one thing is certain, the same “experts” that are predicting how terrible things are going to get are the same “experts” who stated a few years ago that we were heading for another year of record growth………

Reflex Solutions offer managed offices in Bloomsbury in period style character filled buildings. Please contact us with your specific requirements if you can not find what you are looking for.

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