New York University Goes For London Office Space

New York University is making a grab for some office space in London. The university already has a very popular campus in London – its most popular overseas study program, together with Paris – but from next year the London campus will accept another thirty to forty students, a move that will necessitate the grabbing of extra space for both student lounges and executive office space for faculty members.

“We (have) just about finalized the lease so we imagine we will have much more space so many students can study there this fall,” says New York University’s provost for globalization and multicultural affairs, Ulrich Baer. “Not every student that wanted to go to some of those locations were able to go to their first choice. We really want to make it possible for students that want to study in a certain location… We have faculty that do research in London and Paris but can’t find space in our buildings… We want to be able to allow the faculty to take advantage of the programs as well. We have not (previously) been able to accommodate them or give them office space.” Baer admits they are also looking for office space in Paris as well as London, and notes that finding the right commercial property in the right location is extra crucial for a university. “It has to be good for classroom space, for student lounge space, and it has to be in the right neighbourhood for us. NYU students are particular about where they are in terms of location in a big city.”

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