Managed Offices Mayfair

We have a variety of managed office solutions in and around Mayfair, London.

What are managed offices I hear you ask? We would describe it as serviced office space but without the “bells and whistles”. This means all our offices are fully furnished with all the telcoms and IT infrastructure pre-installed. And because there are no on-site staff or receptionist facilities, no photocopying or administrative areas, our clients will only pay for the space they are using and not for staff that they might not use.

You will find a selection of our Mayfair offices currently available below, however do please contact us with your specific requirements if you can not find what you are looking for:

Managed Offices in Mayfair

Managed Offices Mayfair

The 3 main options available to anyone looking for an office are conventional, serviced or managed offices. If we disregard conventional – which essentially means you will be responsible for organizing and paying for everything separately – we can concentrate on the primary differences between serviced and managed offices.

Both options will provide quick and easy access to an office by using a licence (rather than a lease) and charge an all inclusive rate for the majority of essential services, such as rent, rates, utilities, furniture etc. The differences tend to be about style, how the buildings are managed and what’s considered an ‘extra’. Serviced offices are large buildings which are subdivided into a range of different sized offices and will have front of house staff to meet and greet. IT and secretarial services, meeting room and additional furniture hire are all available as extras.

Reflex managed offices are all centrally located in Soho, Mayfair, Noho and Bloomsbury and are in period style character filled buildings. The office sizes are dictated by the original rooms as we don’t subdivide them or create long sterile corridors, but we do provide every office with access to a genuine point to point fibre broadband connection – via a bespoke firewall, modern furniture, in fact we provide everything you need to run an office. Our extras are limited to broadband, any telephone calls you may make and meeting room hire – everything else is included.

How do we do it? Firstly location is extremely important to us, then building style and layout has to work, but of equal importance is the 15 years of fine tuning our management strategy so that you don’t have to do the boring bit, but get to concentrate on the important choices for you – location, size and cost, but this time knowing what your total monthly office expenditure is.

History of Mayfair

Each area of London has its unique history that’s waiting to be discovered and it’s always something we look out for when choosing an office location. Over the course of Mayfair’s history there have been numerous events that have helped shape the culture and direction of the area, such as the Gunpowder Plot (1605), the Great Plague (1665 – 1666) and World War 2 (1939 – 1945).

However our favourite history of Mayfair comes from the areas where our offices reside. For example Bruton Street has been host to influential characters such as Winston Churchill and Isaac Ware. More recently the Queen herself was born on Bruton Street in 1926. The Queen would later be drawn to the street again through the works of Norman Hartnell, who worked on numerous projects for the Royals, most famously with the Queen’s Coronation gown in 1953.

Our aim is to discover these interesting historical facts surrounding our offices to help you experience the pleasure of working amongst the history of Mayfair.

Map Of Our Mayfair Offices

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Contact Reflex to find more information about our managed offices in Mayfair. To see a full selection of the Managed Offices we have available, visit our homepage or office listing page.

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