London or Soho – The Benefits of a Short Term Office Licence

Attracted to the idea of an office in Central London or the West End? If so, then a short-term office may be ideal for you.

There are a lot of benefits to short-term office solutions and they suit a range of business endeavours – from new and start-up businesses with limited trading history to established companies pursuing project efforts that may be in need of temporary overflow space.

Freedom to Try- Because they require a minimum capital outlay, short-term offices give start-up businesses the freedom to test their skills, test the market, test the area, and, if not ideal, pack it in or move elsewhere without major loss or penalties.

Instant Action- Short term, managed offices are pre-furnished and come equipped with many of the things a business needs – telephone lines, Internet access, reception areas, and kitchen facilities. This eliminates long-lead in times for getting started and lowers initial investment costs.

Short-Term Commitment – For established corporations seeking to grow or invest in new markets, short-term serviced or managed offices provide the opportunity to come in, take a look around, and decide whether London is right for them. For growing companies already in the area, short-term offices provide the perfect in-between solution whilst expanding permanent facilities.

Ability to Grow – Short term managed offices are adaptable. Businesses can start small, test their abilities, gain their footing, and expand as and when they are ready. There is no pressure and no long-term commitment – leaving the focus on the business, not the semantics.

Reflex Solutions offer managed offices in Central London in period style character filled buildings. Please contact us with your specific requirements if you can not find what you are looking for.

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