Is working over Christmas really that bad?

Oops, it’s happened again – you’ve used up all your annual leave, so you’re stuck in the office whilst your co-workers are out partying, relaxing at home and gorging themselves on mince pies.

Working over the festive season isn’t usually at the top of people’s Christmas wish lists. But is it really so bad?

Before you bellow a resounding ‘YES’, allow us to show you the good side of some of the most common working-over-Christmas complaints:



Myth: There won’t be anything to do.

Reality: Things will undoubtedly slow down over Christmas, which will give you time to make headway through that list of things-you’ve-been-meaning-to-do-for-ages-but-never-get-round-to-doing. Like finally washing up the army of old, mouldy coffee cups festering on your desk, for example.

Myth: I’ll be lonely in the office.

Reality: You’ll have the run of the place, so you can pretty much please yourself. You’ll be able to sing along to the radio as loud as you want, make yourself cups of tea without having to make them for eight other people too and roll around the office on your swivel chair without fear of being judged. Score.


Myth: Everyone else will be having fun without me.

Reality: If by ‘fun’ you mean getting into drunken arguments over who should have the last mince pie, making awkward conversation with boring strangers at parties they felt obliged to go to and watching repeats of rubbish Christmas TV from ten years ago, then yes, you’re right. Don’t kid yourself – you’re better off in the office.

Myth: I won’t get to see my family very much.

Reality: Let’s be honest – is that really such a bad thing? You won’t have to deal with whiny kids, nagging in-laws or creepy uncles. Result.


Myth: I’ll be really bored by myself.

Reality: Yes, without Pete from HR’s scintillating accounts of his ascent up the company squash ladder, how on earth will you pass the time? Instead of bemoaning how quiet it is, use this as an opportunity to kick back, relax and get some work done in peace.


Myth: I’ll just be procrastinating the whole time.

Reality: Don’t pretend you don’t think that’s a good thing. Without your manager breathing down your neck, you’ll be able to get some prime procrastination done. Browse the Christmas sales online, brush up on the lyrics to your favourite Christmas songs and read that incredibly important article about a cat that’s running for mayor somewhere in Siberia.

Myth: London will be a ghost town.

Reality: You’ll actually be able to stroll casually down the street without being swept along in a sweaty tide of people. You’ll be able to get on the tube without getting your head shut in the doors as they close. You might even get a SEAT. It seems like an impossible dream – but this is the one time of the year it might actually come true. Call it a Christmas miracle.


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