How to get your work-life balance just right this Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching! Christmas trees are starting to go up, log fires are getting lit and the scent of mulled wine is filling the pubs.

For some of you, that might herald the beginning of several weeks of non-stop partying. For others, it might mean a stress-fuelled last minute dash to get all your work done before the office empties for Christmas.

But surely there’s a middle ground? Here are our tips for hitting the sweet spot between slacking off and burning out this Christmas.

Plan ahead

This is perhaps the most important tip for a harmonious festive season. Start planning your work and holiday schedule at least a fortnight before Christmas to avoid last minute headaches.

Work out what you’ve got to do before Christmas and when you’re going to be in the office. Liaise with colleagues and schedule meetings well in advance to make sure they’ll be around when you need them to be.

Make sure you’ve got enough time to complete any work that needs to be done before everyone goes home for Christmas.

If your workload is looking heavy, try to spread your extra work out over a few weeks so you’re not stuck in the office late every night in the week before Christmas.


Do your Christmas shopping online

Unless you’re one of those super-organised people who gets all their Christmas shopping done by August, the prospect of buying gifts can loom like a stress-inducing spectre over the festive season.

Instead of filling your lunchtimes with frenzied trips to the shops, make things easy for yourself and do it all online.

This will free up precious time that you can then dedicate to kicking back with a mince pie and a cup of tea.


In the lead up to Christmas, prioritising your workload is even more important than usual.

As the festive spirit starts to permeate the office, you may find yourself with less time (and inclination) to focus on your work.

Make sure you get all the most urgent work done before Christmas, but cut yourself some slack. If anything can be left until the new year – leave it!

Set limits, and stick to them

For lots of us, Christmas is a time to unwind and forget about the stresses of working life for a few days. Don’t be afraid to say no to working over Christmas.

You might be tempted to check your emails or keep your mobile on when you’re at home over the holidays, but be sure to give yourself some real downtime.

At Reflex, we provide virtual office services – so you can dedicate yourself fully to eating, drinking and being merry without worrying about missing important phone calls.

Celebrate with your colleagues

No matter how much work you’ve got to do, don’t forget that Christmas is supposed to be fun – so make the effort to spread a bit of Christmas cheer!

Decorate the office, stick on some Christmas tunes, bring in some tasty treats to share or organise a secret santa with your colleagues.

And if the frivolity of the office Christmas party isn’t enough to sate your appetite for festive fun, organise Christmas drinks for your team. You’ve all been working hard – you deserve it!


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