Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

The days when you used to wear a sheet, cover yourself in fake blood and terrorise the neighbours may be long gone – but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween.

Halloween is the perfect excuse for a bit of office festivity. You work hard all year, so why not have a bit of fun this October 31st? Go on. You deserve it.

Here are six fun ways to celebrate halloween at the office:

Run a fancy dress competition

Everyone loves dressing up, right? Encourage all your colleagues to come to work dressed as something scary.

Ask everyone to chip in for a prize (something edible usually works well), and hold a vote to determine the winner. You could even include different categories, like ‘most terrifying’, ‘most stylish’ or ‘most realistic’.

Remember, if you’re the one organising the fancy dress competition, you have to go all out on your own costume.

Pull out all the stops – we’re talking fangs, green face paint, full vampire robes, the lot. Just don’t blame us if you look like a complete fool on your morning commute.

Have a Halloween-themed lunch

Ask everyone to bring in a Halloween-themed dish and have a spooky lunch together.

Take inspiration from the Halloween parties your mum used to put on when you were a kid: put green food colouring in lemonade and call it ‘witches’ brew’, bring melon balls and say they’re eyeballs or use mini sausages as zombies’ fingers.

Or, try these much less rubbish Halloween recipe ideas.

Carve pumpkins

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of scooping the flesh out of a large vegetable and carving a grotesque face into its skin, is there?

Bring this jolly tradition to work, and fill the office with glowing, pumpkin-scented Halloween cheer.

For extra Halloween fun, close the curtains, turn off all the lights and work by pumpkin candlelight. Your colleagues will love you for it.

Decorate the office

Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Fridays – any excuse to decorate the office and we jump at the chance. Halloween should be no different.

Pop down to your local Poundland and load up on fake spiders, rubber skeletons and pumpkin bunting – the tackier the better.

If you’re feeling crafty, try making this giant wool spiderweb. It would look great above your manager’s desk.

Hold a Halloween cake sale

Use Halloween as an opportunity to do something worthwhile and organise a charity cake sale.

Bake or buy Halloween-themed treats and sell them in the office. If you work in a large organisation, try and get other colleagues involved and turn it into an event.

You’ll raise money for a good cause at the same time as spreading sugary camaraderie throughout the company – what’s not to love?

Play trick or treat

Grab a couple of colleagues and go from office to office demanding sweets. If people refuse, spray silly string on them.*

*Don’t actually do this. You’ll be fired.

And most importantly; have a spooktastic Halloween!

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