Growing Trend for Open Plan Office Space

London is seeing a growing trend toward open plan office space, according to one of the biggest suppliers of serviced offices in the capital, Avanta. The comments by the serviced office space provider corresponds with new research from the British Council for Offices (BSC), which likewise suggests that companies across London are abandoning the old style offices in favour of open plan spaces in order to encourage interaction and easy sharing of knowledge between staff members. The British Council of Offices believes that the new trend is one of the most important cultural shifts regarding the layout of office space that has been seen in years.

“Open plan offices can allow for better communication and team spirit,” says the Sales & Marketing Director for Avanta, Geraint Evans. “Without closed doors or glass walls, communication and general office camaraderie can flow throughout the office, resulting in a happier workforce and better internal communications.” Evans adds that open plan office space also tends to result in a stronger sense of team spirit, with colleagues able to more easily ask their neighbours for assistance or advice on various tasks or problems that may arise during the course of the normal working day. “Employees can also be arranged into departmental pods, allowing easier information flow and supervision from managers. In addition to this, without the dividing walls, you can accommodate more employees, resulting in less dead space.”

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