Going Victorian and Edwardian – The Perfect Statement for My New Office

London is awash with Victorian buildings and monuments – from Holy Trinity Church at Sloane Square to the Houses of Parliament and Harrods – the beauty of Victorian architecture can be seen across the city in a great diversity of use. Looking at it, you cannot help but wonder how much of a positive impact having an office in a Victorian building would have on my business. It would certainly make a much-needed statement.

London is one of the major business centres in the world. Competition here is fierce. To succeed, a new business needs an edge and the type of building it’s housed in can provide at least part of that edge. And, this is where Reflex Office Solutions comes in.

Reflex offers short-term, managed offices housed in Victorian and Edwardian buildings located throughout London; providing new and established business owners an opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest. Merely having an office in a Victorian and Edwardian building makes a business seem more interesting – at least from the outside. And, isn’t getting clients through the door half the battle?

Victorian and Edwardian buildings provide an air of professionalism to any office housed within. They also provide a foundation for creating something different and exciting inside. Think about it – if it’s boring outside, you generally expect boring inside as well. But a Victorian and Edwardian exterior just cries out “come inside and see what’s in here!”

Going Victorian and Edwardian is the perfect statement for any new or established business.

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