Four Things to Remeber when Moving Office

1. Allocate your time – The start of the moving process really begins the moment you decide to move. To ensure a stress-free as possible move, draw out a timeline of activity to take place. When should we create the new floor plan? When do we phone utilities? What can we pack and when? Remember, little things – like seasonal weather or bank holidays – will affect your moving plans.

2. Create a checklist – with so many things large and small to be done, a checklist ensures you don’t miss anything. It is helpful if you create the checklist to coincide with your timeline. Place tasks in order of when they need to happen – what should you be doing four months before your move? Two months? Two weeks? The day before? The more comprehensive your checklist, the easier your moving task.

3. Keep your landlord friendly – You’re moving out and he’s losing a tenant, so a little extra TLC may be in order. Remember, while he may not be your landlord much longer, he will continue to be a reference for a long time to come. So keep him/her sweet.

4. Let everyone know -You should begin advertising your move straight away so that clients can become comfortable with the relocation before it happens. Better yet, try to get them excited about the move. After all, if you’re moving, then they are (in a way) moving too – and if they are excited about it from the beginning, then they will be eager to visit once you’ve moved.

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