Facebook Shifts to Larger Offices in Covent Garden

Internet social media giant Facebook is moving to larger offices within the Covent Garden area of London in an attempt to increase its foothold in the United Kingdom. The social networking company is set to lease no less than 36,000 square feet of office space in the famous London area in order to be able to accommodate up to 70 members of staff.

For the last four years, Facebook’s operation in the United Kingdom has been confined to a relatively small office space located near Carnaby Street. It is expected to move to its new Covent Garden space early in 2012. East London’s Silicon Roundbaout area, which was designed with the aim of attracting technology firms to the Shoreditch area, failed to attract the interest of the US company, which has become an international success story over the course of the last few years and would have given the area great kudos and a major boost in revenue.

“As Facebook’s growth continues, we are delighted to be expanding our operations in the UK with a move to a larger office in Central London next year,” says the vice president and managing director of Facebook for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Joanna Shields. “With over 30 million people using Facebook every month in the UK, and over 750 million globally, we’re excited about the next phase in our development.”

SOURCE: needofficespace.com

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