Cricklewood Development Scheme Going Ahead

The Cricklewood Development Scheme is going ahead. The development scheme, set to cost somewhere in the region of four and a half billion United Kingdom pounds, has been granted full consent to go ahead by Barnet Council.
The development scheme is a joint effort between Standard Life Investments and Hammerson and will include four million square feet of executive office space within its London based boundaries. The office space scheme, however, is only a small part of the massive development scheme, however, which will also include four parks, a bus station, a leisure complex situated next to the River Brent, a Midland mainland railway station that will connect with King’s Cross Railway Station, and a five hundred and ninety two square feet extension of the Brent Cross shopping centre.
Overall, a staggering nine hundred and sixty four million UK pounds will be invested in the development scheme, which is expected to take the better part of two decades to fully complete, by the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners (BCCDP), which Property Week states will include more than five hundred million on transport infrastructure, a hundred and nine million on social and community organisations and thirty eight and a half million on public green and open space. The entirety of the development scheme spans more than twenty five acres.

“Now that we have secured planning approval, we can start to address key conditions of the section 106 agreement in addition to other detailed work necessary to facilitate a start on site in around four years time,” says the development director of the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners, Jonathan Joseph. “A vital part of our work moving forward will be engaging with local people and the wider community to ensure that everyone is fully involved with and informed of our plans.”

The development scheme is set to form part of the Brent council’s overall plan to protect open spaces and the Green Belt, part of the approach dubbed “Three Strands”, which also intends to enhance the London suburbs within their district and allow growth under certain conditions. The development scheme is expected to result in the creation of thousands of new jobs thanks to the creation of a new commercial district close to a new train station.

The Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Scheme is without a doubt the single largest development scheme ever to be undertaken in the history of the north west of London. The idea has not been well received by many in the local community, who believe it will place too much pressure on the area, though there now seems to be little hope of preventing it from going ahead. Jonathan Joseph, however, believes such worries are misplaced, saying the regeneration of the area will “bring unprecedented investment into Barnet and North West London at a time when this is much needed, creating twenty seven thousand new jobs, seven thousand and five hundred homes, improved public transport, exceptional green and public spaces and brand new community, health and school facilities”.

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