Concern Over Hammersmith Embankment Development

The community of Fulham in London is outraged over a controversial development that looks set to be given the go-ahead despite widespread concern. Development company St George is planning to build on the seven-acre site located in Distillery Road and create new office space homes as well as restaurants, a boat club, swimming pool, gymnasium and up to 3823 square feet of both retail and office space. The plan has enraged local community groups who believe it will have a detrimental effect on the iconic River Thames stretch and the view of the Grade 2 listed Hammersmith Bridge.

The groups formed a Save Our Riverside group in a bid to fight the development, but planning officers from Hammersmith and Fulham Council are intending to approve the development despite having received just two letters of support. The midweek meeting of the Save Our Riverside group had members showing their anger and disgust at the revelation, with the majority feeling that money was once again winning out over what was best for the community as a whole.

“The feeling of the meeting was that council are so keen to get their hands on that £10 million they will agree to anything that St George propose,” notes group spokeswoman Candida Watson. “And further, they will ignore the overwhelming request of the people they have been elected to represent that these plans be rejected.”

Even the Greater London Authority and Thames Water have also expressed concerns over the development plans.

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