Companies Attracted to Property in London

Businesses from all over the globe continue to be attracted to office space within Central London because of the excellent investment opportunities and the wide array of talent located in the area, according to those in the know.

The chief executive officer of the British Council for Offices, Richard Kauntze, says that developments are happening all the time, but that the great majority of the activity tends to be situated in the radius of the Circle line. “The area between the city and the West End was a neglected one,” Kauntze notes. “That is changing, not least because rents in more traditional parts are so high and there have been some good development opportunities.” Kauntze also says that overseas companies looking for a presence in Europe are still likely to have their needs best met by securing offices in London. “They are only going to be in the centre,” he claims.

London Central Portfolio chief executive Naomi Heaton has just lately been arguing that yet more rises in prices for prime London locations is looking like a very likely scenario for the rest of the year, even despite the fact that the market is already currently sitting at record breaking high levels. Heaton believes that the reduction that occurred after the country’s economic downturn means that improvement is possible over the next few months.

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