Businesses Continue to Relocate to London

National and international businesses alike are continuing to relocate to London at a steady rate, with international companies often finding that the capital city of the United Kingdom is actually a considerably more preferable choice than that of many other such locations situated throughout Europe.

There are a great number of distinct advantages for companies that choose to set up base in London, at least according to Iain Smith, a spokesperson for the London Chamber of Commerce. One of those advantages is fantastic office space and a preferable time zone, which allows international businesses the benefit of being able to trade with companies from both the east and the west. London also offers the benefit of having a strong public transport system that allows business enterprises to be able to get around the local area with ease and efficiency. London has long been recognised as being something of a global hub, and that reputation shows no sign of abating at any time in the future.

“It’s obviously our view that London is the best place to locate an office, not just in Europe but in the world,” Smith notes. “It’s a truly global city.”

Just last week it was reported that well known upmarket retailer Harrods has purchased a new commercial complex located in the Hammersmith area of London. This desirable location features office space of up to 120,000 square feet.

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