Burglary Risk for London Offices

Offices in London are at higher risk of being burgled over the festive season than during any other time of the year, according to one leading commercial property consultant. Offices are frequently left empty over the Christmas holiday period, with people enjoying their office parties and bank holidays, while the longer hours of darkness associated with the winter months mean that such places become much easier targets for criminals, Search Office Space claims.

Last year as many as 2500 offices in London were burgled during the month of December, resulting in Metropolitan police issuing warnings about the increase in burglaries that result as a consequence of the shorter daylight hours.

“It’s important that businesses do what they can to protect their property, because the costs of a break-in can be significant,” says City of London police detective inspector Dominic Parkin. “Businesses should take note of crime prevention advice so they can better protect themselves from this threat.”

“London offices are a potential target for any burglar, particularly at this time of the year,” notes the managing director of Search Office Space, Richard Smith. “Not only do they contain expensive equipment, but priceless intellectual property is put at risk if precautionary measures aren’t put in place for the holiday period.” Smith also adds that businesses should follow their safety tips over the festive season in a bid to make it as difficult they can for thieves.

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