Clarendon Business Centres new acquisition

We come bearing good news…

Towards the end of 2015 Reflex were acquired by Clarendon Business Centres and earlier this year they added another office firm to their growing portfolio. You may have heard of Circle Offices but unlike Reflex they will now be operating solely under the ‘Clarendon’ name and we for one, cannot wait to see what the future holds.

A little history about Circle Offices (Now part of Clarendon Business Centres):

Circle Offices has been operating in and around Bishopsgate since 2005. Since then they’ve undertaken a £1.8 million refurb which saw the start of a brighter future for Circle and their clients. The refurb included a 70-desk increase and a change in decor to ensure their clients had the most efficient space to work in. Finally they implemented a refresh in modern technologies which is of course, key to business development. Since Circle Offices was founded they’ve built up an extremely credible brand. Taking this into account Clarendon have pulled out all the stops to ensure that this credibility is continued. Their head office will now be located in Oxford (along with the rest of Clarendon).


The Business Model:

Although Circle Offices are undertaking a rebrand, their business strategy will remain the same. They will continue to operate a full range of services including, virtual offices which offers the handling of both client calls and emails. They also offer meeting rooms located around central London and other thriving locations where business’ who don’t have the right space available are able to hold client and customer meetings. As well as virtual offices and meeting rooms, Circle/Clarendon will of course still be offering standard serviced offices where you can expect a flexible and open relationship with the team.


A little bit about the people:

Acquiring Circle offices obviously means a growth in the Clarendon portfolio, but that’s not to forget the team they are bringing on board who have been a part of making the Circle offices brand so successful for up to 12 years, so with this in mind we thought a few introductions were due:

Laura – The Centre Manager

Kaylee, Gemma and Naomi – Customer Service Assistants

Cliff – Sales Manager


We asked the team members to answer a few (random) questions to help our readers get a better understanding of the very helpful and open people behind the brand, so without further ado:

You’re the new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Cliff: Black,my clothes need to colour co-ordinate

Laura: Green – Because I need to represent the Irish 😊

Naomi:  Yellow because I am the brightest in the box!

Gemma: Pink, because you can never have too much pink

Kaylee: Red because it is my favourite colour.


Which organisation outside your own do you know the most people at and why?

Cliff: My tennis clubs,when I walk in it’s like Cliff walking into the bar in ‘Cheers’ !

Laura: Sad to say my local Indian franchise – They know us by first name, know our order and give us a free beer every time we collect our food!

Naomi: Nandos. I go at least twice a week and they pretty much know my order every time!

Gemma: London Craft Markets, I am a designer/maker so it’s lovely to know so many other makers

Kaylee: The pub at the end of my road as I’m always in there in the summer.


What’s the most unique talent you have?

Cliff: I’m an obsessive weekend woodworker

Laura:  I can recognise the breed of a dog by its bark !!  Its more weirdness than a talent I’d say

Naomi: I can eat endless amounts of chocolate rice crispy cakes!

Gemma: I can continuously watch The Good Wife whilst mainlining Cheese Doritos

Kaylee: Wouldn’t say I have a strange talent I’m just very clumsy!

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